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Egyptian-Cottonsheets.com is a member of one of the largest most advanced cotton mill associations in Egypt. We have volumes of all types of bed sheets, duvet covers, down comforters , towels, bath robes, bed-in-a-bag sets, quilts, rugs, bathroom mats, bed skirts, pillows and pillow cases. Products in 650, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500 and 1600 tc (thread count). Our New Jersey warehouse was established with EDI compliance and is equipped with a bar-code network which supports us for simultaneous small, medium and large volume orders.

Today, we get our products from the fulfillment center located in Linden, NJ USA, with a Show Room on Fifth Avenue in New York, NY. We have three international offices located in China, Egypt and India. Our international offices control provide Quality Assurance on all of our products. We supply a complete collection of unsurpassed quality products and specialize in Egyptian Cotton goods. We figure out the MSRP by finding the highest priced retail store that carries the same or close to our product.

Our mission is to continue having customers come back to us and recommend us to family and friends. Our company will continue to give 100 percent satisfaction to our customers which is quality products and the best customer service you can expect from an on line store.

Back before Egyptian Cotton Sheets, our family would buy regular, plain sheets for our beds. The youngest child would break out into itchy rashes at regular intervals. We didn't know then that plain sheets were often found to have chemicals and other non-organic materials. Then we bought Egyptian Cotton Sheets for our grandmother. Soon after that, everyone else in the family owned a set as well. It was comfortable, top quality, and no one got rashes from these high quality fabrics. In fact, there were never any other rashes again. Because we were so delighted with Egyptian Cotton Sheets, we even bought a few more sets to give to our friends. They loved them too. It came to a point where, even when a family had other sheets to use during laundry time, they would just rewash the Egyptian Cotton and use them again right away. Regular sheets did not have any appeal anymore. Now you can enjoy them yourself and find out exactly what we mean!

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Though it originates in the mysterious country of Egypt, Egyptian cotton was not always used as it is today. Egyptian cotton was not available in the deserts of Ancient Egypt. In fact, during the Ancient Egyptian times, the type of material they wore was usually linen! Only when entered the Christian period did the cotton trees that grew wild in Southern Egypt start being used as materials. Varieties of cotton only began flourishing in the beginning of the 19th century. Even then, cotton was often blended with other materials in order to create cheaper, effective, clothing. But, as time passed, people began asking for 100% cotton rather than the old blends.

The nickname, 'King Cotton', was the name for cotton that grew in Southern United States . This cotton had shorter fibers/staples than the Egyptian produced cotton. Now, however, Egyptian cotton is considered the king of all cottons. It is very safe to say that Egyptian cotton is considered the best cotton in the world. This cotton is mainly cultivated in the Nile River Valley.

Egyptian cotton makes a stronger yarn. Egyptian cotton has a long staple or long fiber, which means that there is more continuous fiber to use while making threads or yarn. The yarn that is created from Egyptian cotton is smaller in diameter, but stronger than other cottons. Thus, there are more yarns per inch, it is a lighter weight, and it attains incredible strength.

The higher the Thread Count the better the thread. Our sheets get softer with every wash, and with the higher thread count, Egyptian cotton can last for literally decades. Also don't forget, nothing compares to the softness of sheets made from cotton hand picked in the land of the Nile .

Because it has more threads per inch, it is very time consuming to weave, and thus, expensive. Before, only those that went into very expensive stores were able to find Egyptian cotton sheets. Now, even those that aren't rich can enjoy Egyptian cotton!

The cotton produced in Egyptian fields also produces less lint than other types of cotton. That means that repeated washings will not make the material pull as other materials sometimes do. Not only that, but Egyptian cotton is also hypo-allergenic, which means that people with allergies can enjoy the feel of Egyptian cotton and not have any allergic reactions.

Egyptian cotton is used for a variety of things. Those most familiar with it always think 'bed sheets', but other things such as clothing and even tents are made with Egyptian cotton because of its strength and that it's very breathable. If you are looking to purchase a more durable, lasting, soft, and comfortable set of sheets, Egyptian cotton is perfect for you!

Warning: Don't get fooled by buying cheaper prices on 1500tc! That might mean they are not 1500tc. Call or E-mail for their weights of their 1500tc Egyptian Cotton sheet Set One Ply in a basic plastic zipper, or weight them when you recieve them. A 1500tc Cal/king or King Size Egyptian Cotton sheet Set One Ply in a basic plastic zipper package weighs about 11 pounds. A 1500tc Queen Size Egyptian Cotton sheet Set One Ply in a plastic zipper plastic package weighs about 9 pounds. Give or take a few ounces this is a good guide line that you are getting the real deal.



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