Refund Policy

Always call us first before returning cotton sheets or any other item from our website. Returns or exchanges are accepted if we send you the wrong color, thread count or bed size, AND sheets are not removed from the zippered plastic it comes in. We will also give a refund plus shipping cost if there is a defect caused by the factory. Loose threads are normal and can be snipped off carefully. If a customer decides they do not want the sheets after they receive them for any other reason they can return the sheets as long as they were not removed from the plastic bag. Please call our customer service before mailing them back. Customers will pay for all shipping charges for exchanges or refunds. A full refund minus the shipping cost will apply after we receive the sheets and inspect them.

* Return or refund policy is only good for 30 days after receiving your package. Please look at your sheets to make sure they are satisfactory before washing. NO refunds after washing the sheets or removing them from plastic bag. Things that will destroy the nap of the sheets-

Care Instructions

• Washing and drying with other clothes will rub on the nap of the sheets and might cause roughness and piles.

• Sleeping with work clothes as Denim or any harsh tough fabric will destroy the nap of the sheets over time. Refunds or exchanges will be made only before 30 days of receiving your order. Washing instructions: Wash the sheets with mild detergent, cold water with a gentle cycle. I recommend using fabric softeners. (*optional to use fabric softeners, this depends on your taste of feel.).

Drying instructions: Wash cotton sheets in Cold water delicate cycle. Use regular heat for cotton materials. Please Wash and dry sheets alone. Disclaimer: Please use caution when washing and drying, our laundry instructions are based on washers and dryers that are in perfect working conditions. We are not liable if you damage your sheets during washing or drying.


We did our research and bought all counts from 800tc - 1500tc from various manufactures and from whole sellers selling at EBay at High prices down to dirt cheap prices especially for the 1200tc and the 1500tc. You get what you pay for, or you simply get cheated out of the real thing. We found frauds out there and as customers that was insulting and very hurtful to us. We guarantee our products to be 100 percent cotton.

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We ship your package Place by UPS ground, if you need it earlier you need to call me.   If you have any problems or questions on shipping please contact us. I will be happy to answer any questions. Use our contact form to email us. But please check your Order History before calling us: Order status, tracking numbers, etc can be viewed in your Order History. Please review first before calling me.

Bessie Ricoarango
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